The story behind the website

Hi there!

My name is Tito Ambyo, I’m an Associate Lecturer and a research candidate at the School of Media and Communication at RMIT University in Australia.

As a lecturer, I teach broadcast and online journalism, and I used to have two websites: one for my Broadcast Journalism materials and another for the fun digital/online stuff that my students and I do in a really cool subject called Journalism Technologies, where 2nd year journalism students play with the latest digital storytelling technologies. In October 2017, I’ve decided that it’s kind of silly to separate the two. So I’m slowly combining the two websites together to create a space where I can share the things I do with my students.

I’m also using this website to let you know about what I’m doing with research, creative projects and reflections on teaching. There’s not a lot here yet, but they are coming!

Get in touch if you want to collaborate or if you have questions: arsisto.ambyo(at)rmit.edu.au